Bridge On One Page

This site describes a system of bridge for beginners, which is summarised on a single page. It is based on and very similar to the popular Basic ACOL bidding system.

Bridge is a game which has a certain fatal fascination. There are many who become obsessed by its endless subtleties. Given its proper place in life's rich arena, it can offer many hours of immense enjoyment, and is excellent entertainment for a quiet social evening.

As mentioned before, this particular version of bridge, Bridge on One Page', or BOOP for short, is a simplification of but very similar to the ACOL bidding system. ACOL is named after a bridge club in Acol Road, London, and is one of the most popular systems at the time of writing. My own eccentric title, BOOP, is appropriate for my style of Bridge, which tries to get away from the kind of intensity you sometimes find amongst traditional players, and concentrates on the game as pure enjoyment in a social setting. Hence, a good bottle of wine or several cans of beer may be an essential accompaniment to the cards, and the comraderie is more important than the objective of winning.

The BOOP approach is intended for beginners. It does not make any assumptions about previous experience of the game, or indeed of card playing in general. The method has several distinct advantages over the traditional ACOL system. Firstly, it has rather less conventions, and therefore is easier to learn than ACOL. The second beauty of the BOOP system is that, since it is summarised on one page, you now have an instant crib, and can always remind yourself at a glance of the convention you need.

Bridge originally developed from the card game, Whist, and those who have not played Bridge at all before may find it useful to build up to the game by first introducing themselves to the game of Whist. Whist is well described on this web site :

and the basic rules of the game of Bridge are well described on this one :

A good site more specific to the ACOL bidding system is :

However, knowing the rules of Bridge does not make you a Bridge player.  Knowing bidding conventions and having some clues about playing the cards are the next steps. This is where the 'BOOP' crib sheet (with links to descriptions throughout) comes in, so click on the button NOW :

The Crib Sheet


You can learn the BOOP system by clicking on items individually on the 'BOOP' crib sheet, or by looking at the complete description given below.  It may also help to print this off, and learn it offline.

The Complete Description of the BOOP System

Whilst I prefer to use a strong No Trump opening bid, the weak No Trump opener is perhaps more commonly used by ACOL players, particularly in clubs in the UK.  So I offer below the weak NO Trump alternative of the BOOP summary page :

The Crib Sheet (Weak No trump Alternative)

and also the complete description of this alternative :

The Complete Description of the BOOP System (Weak No Trump Alternative)

Some readers who come across my site may not have ever played the game, or may not know of opportunities to play. There are various options for getting started : classes, a local club, friends, and the internet !   Though some people may feel inhibited by the idea of playing with complete strangers, I would recommend the online club that I have used :

Myself, friends and relations have been successfully using this approach for more than 20 years, and in 2002 BOOP became available online.    I am hoping one day there will be many BOOP followers.  Please write to me, Hugo,  if you have used the BOOP system, or have visited this site.

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